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9 Week Old Baby Thyroid results

Hoping for some advice, my husband (baby's dad) was one of the first baby's in Birmingham to be diagnosed via the heel prick test (1982). He was found to has no thyroid and has been on medication since birth. Our son was tested at 2 wks old and we have been told all levels are normal except the T3 which is elevated. We have chased the horputal for advice on what this means and to get the results in writing to us and our GP. The hospital called yesterday to say consultant was still looking at it, but my GP can get results off system. My GP can but cannot interpret the results to know what to do next and if treatment is required. Can anyone advise if these results would warrant treatment?

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You could try this for a start - its a bit old but seems to cover every synario.

Moggie x


Hi Moggie, Thanks for the info but I still haven't the foggiest what to next.

His TSH is normal, T4 is normal, T3 elevated. I'm really worried about the long term if he doesn't get medication soon enough (if required).


Please make very sure that the results are interpreted using the appropriate paediatric ranges.

Children, especially babies, have some very different ranges and using the wrong range is an absolute classic mistake.

If necessary call the lab directly. If you get nowhere with them, call the PALS service at the hospital and ask for their help.

Get the ranges in a printable form (e.g. email or paper) - do not rely on taking them down over the phone!



Congratulations on the birth of your son.

If treatment is required or even if you just want a second opinion I would consider Great Ormond St. Best go somewhere that only deals with babies and children.


From your baby son's results it doesn't seem he is hypothyroid. What are the ranges in the lab that did the tests and how high is his T3?


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