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Frustrated at my rate of progess-hypothyroid


I posted here a few weeks ago about “sub-clinical hypothyroidism” and the range of symptoms I was experiencing.

Since then I have been put on 25mcg trial of Eltroxin to be reviewed with bloods in a few weeks. I’m on it just over three weeks. From around the 6th day I began to notice an improvement in some of my symptoms (especially the most annoying-digestive related) but some other symptoms have not really improved.

Also it seems to be that I have some good days and some bad and for me this seems to mean they alternate, if today is good tomorrow will not be so good and so on.

When I first began to notice symptoms fatigue was not the main one, but more recently it is really affecting me.For instance if I have a busy day or stay our late (and I mean only 10pm!)I am wrecked the next day, so tired that I almost feel sick. Last Thur and Fri were very busy longish days and come Saturday I was so exhausted I could barely move and spent much of the day in bed with aches and pains all over. But then yesterday because I rested on Saturday I felt much better.

I guess I am just getting frustrated that I am improving so slowly and live in fear that I will slip back into worse symptoms again. I know it’s only 3 weeks or so but is it normal to alternate between good and bad days like this and does it eventually get better where the good days outnumber the bad, as at this stage it’s really beginning to get me down???

I just want my old life back:(



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Hi this is quite normal. You should start slowly, repeat tests after 6 weeks , increase if needed.TSH, T4 and Free T3, tests. Then 3 months until stable. It often takes a year. Slow process to get it right, safely.You will get better. ,with the correct treatment. Make sure you also have iron/ferritin, vit d ( hormonal), glucose ( hormonal and autoimmune0 and B12 and Foliates ( autoimmune) all tested. If D low then corrected calcium test before taking any vit D, repeats after 3 months.

Best wishes,



Thanks Jackie.I guess I'll just have to be patient and wait it out!


That is how it has been for me too. Sub clinical hypo, been on Levothyroxine for 8 weeks. Bad days and good days but so glad to say I have had 6 good days in a row! Although fatigue and brain fog are my main issues at the moment my fingers are crossed I have started to turned a corner.


that's great that you have had so many good days.How long did it take you to reach that point it just in last 6 days you have been good?



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