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Hi everyone, I really don't like going down this route when we have the NHS, but I am at desperation point now. As you can see by my name Sunshine I am forever the optimist but I realise now I need to act quickly before my hair gets thinner and thinner and I beef up more and get stiffer and more tired.............and my husband asks for a divorce!!!!

To be honest when I read some of your posts it makes mine seem insignificant but since my meds have been lowered you could say I am going down hill big style. Anyway I will eagerley await your responses and I do think about those of you who have the BIG problems. Bye for now. Oops just to say that I am in the South Yorkshire area.

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Sunshine you are suffering and need not feel guilty, when we are under medicated we can feel dreadful, have you tried to convince your doc you need more meds?


Hi Suze, No I haven't been back to my Doctor as I think I might get the cold shoulder. I respect my Doctor very much but not wanting to sound demanding I think alternative meds like T3 perhaps may help. I might be wrong however and it might be some other area that needs adjusting but I think I do really need to push myself. When I went to my Doctor with an envelope packed with hair parcels and photographs my Doctor said that in 30 yrs of practice she hadn't seen anyone go bald with an underactive thyroid. (Didn't look at them). My eyelashes are thinning out tooooooo! Love your quick responses Suze I really do appreciate them.


Hi Sunshine, Have you seen the Pulse article on the main website? Dr Toft made statements about test results and the need for some people to have suppressed TSH and very high FT4. Might help persuade your doc to increase your thyroxine again.


Thank you Lyn I have decided to make an appointment with them and I will do a Blog Post.


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