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I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 16 years ago and have been on Levothyroxine since then. My first symptoms at the time were linked to anxiety and stress as causes, but I also lost a lot of weight in a short period of time and had almost uncontrollable crying spells. Once I started crying, even when i tried, it was difficult to stop and sometimes had to lie down and go to sleep so it would stop.

Since then, being actually quite stable on the meds over the years, I recently started to feel overly emotional again and again have difficulty to stop crying once i start. It is true that I have some stressful things to cope with in my life right now, which probably affects my thyroid function negatively. but contrary to what my GP thinks, I feel that my crying spells are not caused by having emotional difficulty coping with my life (GP recommended therapy), but rather are a side effect of my thyroid not functioning the way it should. Anyone else who finds themselves in a similar situation?

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You will find on a lot of list of hypo symptoms mentions of crying. I've been hypo most of my life but only diagnosed and treated at the age of 55. All thought my life I have cried at the drop of a hat! Sometimes it was very, very inconvenient - not to say embarassing! - but I couldn't stop it, nor could I explain it. I don't do that now I'm treated so I would definately put it down to the hypo.

Hugs, Grey

hey Grey, thanks for your reply, really useful to hear.

I have been on thyroid medicine for hypothyroid for 40 years My thyroid actually quit. I have changed doseages so many times Can't even count the times. Am to the point now I think I am going crazy.. I know I am not but I hate these scary symptoms,,,,,Crying at the drop of the hat, right now as I am typing this I can't stop....Blood test yesterday and luckily see my dr today. I also luckily have a husband that i have been married to for almost 50 years that understands what I'm going through

what is your TSH?

not sure until I see my doc this afternoon

Why, do you think it tends to happen within a certain TSH range? I don't know what my TSH is at the moment, a blood test is booked for in two weeks time.

Other recent symptoms include: extremely cold hands and feet (more than normal), occasional heart palpitations, muscle tension, as well as getting more intolerant to alcohol.

I absolutely concur with everything you have said, Tulip and Grey. In fact I'm crying right now due to having struggled out of bed and having no energy to go out. All the symptoms above I also have and yes even a comforting glass or two of wine now makes me feel really ill. I'm also labelled by the medical profession as having depression/anxiety and am on antidepressants but feel that they make me even more tired and want to come off them but am worried my crying will come back much more. So, what to do eh? This question is going over and over in my head. I just have to say how comforting it is to read your comments and not feel so alone. I am shocked after only being a member on here for a little while, as to how widespread this illness is. I just wish I'd been more informed a long time ago. When I was diagnosed with Hashi's over 10 years ago I'd never even heard of it! Do let me know your results when you get them Tulip. Lots of luck to you, Sheila x

Thank you Sheila, I agree, it makes a colossal difference knowing you're not alone. Your reply has helped me in return. I signed up only yesterday to this forum - I wish I had done it years ago!

Personally I have never been on antidepressants, but I have been offered, and taken, therapy a couple of times. CBT really worked well for me and from the sessions I have learnt loads about myself. As a result I can deal with everything much better, including dealing with those symptoms that are clearly caused by or enhanced by my thyroid disorder.

There still is such a separation in medicine between emotional and physical symptoms. I am totally aware that the current levels of stress are much higher in my life than in most people's and that this no doubt affect the working of my thyroid negatively. At the same time I believe the symptoms I have don't have to be so severe, if my medication was fine tuned more, and I was listened more to as a patient. I don't blame my GP, after all their training is broad and they are not thyroid specialists, but I think what they, like most people, do not understand, now complicated thyroidism is and how a small shift in the balance slowly but surely really affects your life in a big way to the point where it can get really difficult even getting out of bed or stop crying. I've been there, and it is really hard.

Good luck Sheila, if it's a shit day you're having, maybe try accept that it is and be good to yourself. At the same time, I found it really helps to push yourself to do 1 small thing that takes an effort - something that may just help tip the balance and help you get out of the crying mode or lift the tiredness a bit. Talking to people you care about and who care about you, helps tremendously too. Even to say, things are shit right now, so tell me a funny story! Big hug xx

Thank you so much for that, what a caring message. The only family I have now is one son who I know cares about me but doesnt realise how much hypothyroidism affects my life, he just thinks its not life threatening (hopefully!) so is no big deal. So I only talk about it on here. Anyway, I've decided to take my dog for a walk, after all there is something up in the sky at the moment that I think is called the sun! Still in my dressing gown and so better start getting ready now, before that sun disappears! Thank you again x

I fully understand what you and others on this site are saying. I was diagnosed some ten years ago, along with pernicious anaemia and bechets (which my doctor is struggling with as he know absolutely nothing about!!). I also try my absolute damdest to keep on an even keel with everthing, tiredness, no sleep, full time job, house and family etc. - and yes I decided that I was probably alergic to alcohol so that also went out the window!! I concur that nobody you will talk to about your thyroid problems will ever understand, except somebody suffers with this. Everybody on this sight will confirm that the range of issues is wide and varied, some easier to deal with than others - but look forward and keep positive that one bad day does not mean they will all be bad. I am currently in the middle of a "blip" and am having further tests this week.....still not sure my GP knows what he is looking for but hey ho.......roll on some sunshine!! Keep your chin up!!

Thanks "unwell" - yes this illness makes me feel very lonely actually. I havent seen anyone for a while as I'm going through this period of exhaustion. But yesterday, as the sun was shining, I was in my garden and talked to a friend a few doors along. She asked what I'd been doing with myself lately, I told her - really only to explain why I'm being such a hermit and not anti-social - that I didnt wake up til late and then still felt so tired with my thyroid problem, that I had been holed up in my cottage! Was trying to be light hearted and just explain - I even said, wasnt I a slob? - she just looked at me with a look that said "hypochondriac whinger!" and just changed the subject. That made me feel even more alone! Oh dear there I go "whinging" again, sorry! Thank you for your message and hope you get over your blip and feel better again.

Hi Sidneymark70 - You should go back to your GP and ask for more tests. nobody understands "fatigue" it goes way passed the "tired" state. Your friend will change the subject because she has no idea what you are talking about but will never ask the questions! Please don't worry abut having a "whinge" when you feel quite lonely and isolated - it is very therapeutic!!!!!! Stay positive and try to maintain and manage your bad days I agree with tulip3 - if it is a shit day - accept it and be positive that the following day cannot be worse!!!!

I have not had my thyroid tested yet, the doctor keeps telling me to, but so much has gone on I just haven't gotten there. But I had such a horrible experience lately that has thrown me into a terrible depression. Which would explain some crying but I can barely function anymore. Plus my neck is red all the time and my body just aches. I sure don't lose weight without trying though. guess that's why I thought it couldn't be my thyroid. And then I wonder sometimes if it is a mix of the xanax and the anti depressants they give me because I am so sad all the time. I stop taking one or the other and I feel better a day or two then I have a really big episode that can last for days. It is driving my husband crazy because the thing I am sad about is a horrible bump we hit in our marriage and he just wants to get past it. So do I but the crying just won't stop. I lost my insurance so I was gonna put the test off a little longer but maybe I better scrape up the money and get them done. It is good to hear that it might not be me losing my mind anyway.

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