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What is the right diet when you have over-active thyroid?

I have been diagnosed with over- active thyroid and it has affected my eyes and one of my eye is really bulging out. I had over active thyroid in 2009 but it went normal without any medication. Hoever this time my doctor has prescribed me with Carbamazole tablets (20mg). Can someone please help me to give ideas on what kind of diet is helpful in getting thyroid level normal.

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Hi Sandy,

I also am Over-active. I've always been careful about food and don't eat processed foods if I can. I'm 56 and have to have my Thyroid removed. My eyes hurt too although don't bulge. I find that if I eat processed foods I tend to feel worse. Sometimes it's a pain in the a*** but it does help. I'm on Carbimazole 40mg and feel a little better. I was also put on Propranolol 160mg but could not stay awake. When I went see the Consultant I did ask if I could alter my diet any further to help, he said no.

I do remember seeing an article that I think was mentioned on this website regarding changing the way you eat which was said to improve if not cure thyroid problems.

But as poor memory is also something I've acquired it may be you have to ask a general question and someone else may remember.

Hope this helps a little.



You could perhaps try eating more goitrogens - cabbage family, walnuts, almonds, peaches, broccoli, strawberries, corn, aparagus... can't remember the whole list off-hand. They might possibly slow your thyroid down a tad, but I don't think they'd do anything to help the eyes.



Hi if you have problems with thyroid eye disease you need a referral straight away to a specialist. The quicker the treatment the better.

I have Graves and been on carbimazole for nearly 2 years. I have read loads on here about diets and natural remedies and to be honest none of it seems to be based on facts as far as I can see. I think a healthy diet will help ie less sugars and processed food but I dont know about sprouts and all that! I have yet to come across anyone who has been cured by diet alone. The ones who improve usually are thyrotoxic short term only. If you have Graves then it is an autoimmune disease for life.

No doubt others will contradict me but ask them if they have been cured. heres hoping you can find someone with Graves who has, without meds or surgery or RAI. Good luck


One person recommends acupuncture but several discussions are in this link.


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