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Confused - which adrenal test do I need to buy??

Hi all

following on from earlier posts - I am trying to start CT3M and not getting on very well.

I realise that I need to test my adrenals now to get a clear picture of where I am starting from.

Looking at the Genova tests - there are a few types of adrenal tests. Which one should I do to get an accurate picture? The Adrenal Stress Profile (ASI): Cortisol/DHEA at £71.25 or the Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Profile: Cortisol/DHEA/Secretory IgA (SIgA) which is £97?

Appreciate if you can advise thank you

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the £71.25 is sufficient if your budget is restricted (like many of us LOL)


Great - many thanks. Yes budget is restricted - I wish I had every penny back in the bank that I have spent trying to get back to healthy!


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