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When should I stop Levo before scintigraphy test?

Have been hypo for 12months and have lump on the thyroid. Am booked in to hospital for a scintigraphy( dye thru the thyroid) in Jan. Hospital says to stop levo 3 weeks befor and gp says 1 week. Also take oestregen? Which should I go with and am really tired now so worried about doing this.I live in france so test probably called different name here.

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The hospital specializes in this kind of investigation therefore their advice, to my mind, should surely be followed as they know what they are doing. A GP is just that: a general practitioner, but definitely not a specialist.

The TSH has to be at a certain level for this kind of investigation. If you still have doubts, consider finding out from the department doing this investigation just what all their pre-investigation requirements are.

I am sorry that you have this problem but the hospital will surely look after you well.


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