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Offered a job in bank nursing, what will occupational health say about my overactive thyroid?

My thyroid is very much under control and I feel well and like things are going well. However I finish taking my meds at the beginning of February, so all this could change. I have been offered a job as a bank nurse that would start a week or so after finishing taking my meds. I have to speak to occupational health. Has anyone else been through this? Will my health go against me? Im worried about calling them as I dont want to be told I cant do the job :-(

Thanks guys

Hope you have all had a good christmas xxx

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no I really don't think it will go against you.

They might just say to you that you need to let them know and have another review if you think you are 'affected' once you stop your meds.

they may also ask if you have been told whether you are likely to suffer any side effects/downslopes in your health once you stop the meds.

also remember, when you are 'banking' you do not usually get paid for days off sick so what do they have to lose? but even if it was a permanent post it would not go 'against you'.


I know from personal experience that it can be hard to cope with work with an uncontrolled overactive thyroid, but if yours is under control, there should be no reason for it to go against you.

Apart from anything else, they do not have a legal right to discriminate against you because of your health. I've never heard of 'Bank Nursing', but I assume that is a kind of standby situation rather than a permanent position.

I think that the decision as to whether you are fit for work would rest mainly with you, so even when you stop your meds, if the symptoms came back, it would only be out of your hands if your specialist said it would be dangerous to your health to continue working.

Hope all goes well.

Marie XX


Thank you guys, those are the sort of answers I was hoping for!

Hope you all had a great christmas and thanks again

Sarah xx


In my experience, 'they' are not allowed to discriminate against you around issues of health and it would be you who is expressing doubt around this.

Just be aware and remember what your 'relapse indicators are', ie how your body feels/what the symptoms are should you start to feel unwell again with your thyroid's behaviour in the future and act on them should they reappear sooner rather than later. If you start to feel that something is not right, get it checked out as soon as possible.


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