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Why do people crush Armour before taking?


This is something I have heard that people do and I just wondered why. Should everyone be crushing their Armour? Does this also apply to other NDTs such as Nature-throid?

Thanks for any info :)

Carolyn x

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i chew mine up as i take them, i believe it makes them more easily absorbed - i may be completely deluded...........?

PinkNinja in reply to ritz

Thanks. I may try this and see if it's better :)

Hi Carolyn - I read to do this in sttm. I think they recommend doing this since the reformulation in order to release the active ingredients from the cellulose (or something similar). I believe Naturethroid was reformulated too and the same thing is true. Xx

Clarebear in reply to Clarebear

Yum yum :) xx

PinkNinja in reply to Clarebear

Ah, I see. Thanks. That makes sense. I'll start crunching them instead of swallowing and see if that makes any difference. I suppose I might find I need to take less if I start crunching :)

Oh..... I just swallow mine! Lol


I thought it was a side effect of splitting them! lol!


I take mine sublingually, ie, under the tongue as is it suggested it's the most effective way of taking the tablets. The taste isn't mmmm, yum yum but not nasty either.


This is from STTM



Armour used to be sublingual. But after reformulation it became trapped in a cellulose molecule meaning your stomach cannot break it open and that it no longer melts correctly when taken sublingually. Bear in mind that T3 in Armour is absorbed in your stomach and T4 in your intestines. Therefore all NDT's should be crushed before taking and I find mixing with a little drop of maple syrup is best, fluid, sticky and strongly flavored. You only need about 1 - 2 ml of it to make taking crushed NDT a breeze.

The size and shape of the NDT molecule over a synthetic is essential to understand. Check this link out which is from a brand of US NDT: thyroid-s.com/natural-d... This is one of the best learning points on NDT ever.

hi everyone

as conflicting information regarding how to take nature throid, i thought i would email nature throid direct and was very happy so say i received a speedy helpful reply on how to take nature throid which was:

Thank you for your email. Nature-Throid is made to be swallowed whole with a glass of water

Hope this helps everyone


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