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Adrenal Insufficiency, It's Out There, It Must Be, It's In Mims !!!

(Mims, Dr's Bible) along with the BNF (British National Formulary)

Please see


I can't read the results from the randomized trial as you have to pay for the sign up! I'm

going to try to find it elsewhere. .

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There is no problem in finding good medical references to "adrenal insufficiency". Try this link:


Or, in case that doesn't work:


I got 9931 papers which mention "adrenal insufficiency" and various alternate ways of saying that!

If you look at the left you should see Free full text available - click on that and you will only see entries where the whole paper is freely available. 1304 papers when I did that. Should keep you in reading material for a while!

There seem to be two main problems. First is that doctors don't seem to be very comfortable at dealing with things other than outright Addison's disease. (At least they do understand that can and would be fatal if not treated.) Second is the way people keep saying they are suffering from adrenal fatigue - which is NOT recognised by most of medicine.

Also, medicine is generally very wary of putting people onto steroids of any sort - and with good reason as they are not easy medicines to manage properly. And they really don't have much else to throw at it.



Regarding the use of steroids in adrenal fatigue, surely these are not the threat they are perceived as being? Here is a link:



Considering how dreadfully some doctors manage even the simplest medicines, the need to understand all that stuff about adrenal suppression and tapering is enough to frighten off those of less than stellar capabilities! :-)

From what I have read, it really does seem to be fear and lack of understanding that stops more appropriate use being made - rather than anything fundamentally inappropriate.


Yes, I agree with your points


Very interesting indeed (maybe used for Addison's? but surely it would say that?).

Anyway, thanks for that, I appear to have an adrenal issue again... which had been sorted out so who knows whether this might be useful BUT I can certainly say, "Oh, adrenal insufficiency IS recognised". ;-)

Linda x


Phoebs, if you want the background on adrenal supplementation I would suggest Dr. William Jefferies book "Safe Uses of Cortisol" 3rd Edition, ISBN 0-398-07500-X which I believe is in the TUK lending library. A follow on to that would be Dr. James Wilson's book "Adrenal Fatigue The 21st Century Stress Syndrome" ISBN 1-890572-15-2. PR


Phoebs, and of course Paul Robinsons work with CT3M which has worked for many people not only on T3 but also NDT. PR


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