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Many thanks to those of you who replied to the question I asked on the Helpvine. Apologies for the delay in responding.

My story I'm sure is no different from all the others I've read. I've had invaluble support just reading everyone elses story. So folks here's my story as yet untold and unfinished.

January 2010 : gave up smoking - did a deal with my husband, he gives up sugar, goes on a diet, takes more exercise, I give up the 20 a day habit.

March : I noticed that husband was fitter than I was. Chris is an asthmatic, I've always been able to swim longer & faster, walk faster and in fact the ciggies had never been a problem, have always been fit and active.

May : By now husband has lost two stone - I have gained it. Fell off my bicycle due to severe cramps, by now aches & pains were / are part of my daily life. Assum at 58 I have arthritis, need to get this sorted and get my life back!

June : Blood test. Dr. actually rings me . . . this has never happened to me - in fact haven't been to see a Dr since small gynea op 15yrs ago. Quote " I need you to come and see me we have a problem with your thyroid" Unquote.

What is a thyroid? I then spend the next couple of hours on the internet - I'm confused and scared! But take the pills and all will return to normal!

Ok, so we start with what I now know to be the universal 50mg Levothyroxine. Now up to 125mg, I can't say that anything has impoved - I have since developed a swollen goiter which sometimes is painful, and even more breathless. Can't bear to wear anything around the neck (great in this weather!) Seem to have good days & bad days - have been prescribed diclophenic to help with joint and muscle pain, but can no longer tell which hurts the most!

December : Not convinced that pills are working - how long before these work? Last blood test showed 4.3 and that it needed to come down to 1.0 (assume they are talking TSH)- also showed this time low white cell count - keeping on eye will have further blood test in six weeks.

However on the plus side - have still stopped smoking, I still manage to hold down full-time job, look after aging parents and enjoy my grandchildren. Yes I'm tired, I hurt and I get depressed and sometimes very scared, but as an optimist, there are just somethings in life that can't be allowed to get the better of you.

Thanks for all the support and your stories, they all help.

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Good morning. Goodness me, this is such a familiar story! Have you looked at the site STTM (Stop the Thyroid Madness). It is for people in the same situation as you and there is absolutely no reason why you should be living with this quality of life with supposed treatment in place. You can be well again but with the right treatment. It may be that you cannot convert T4 to T3 or that you have an adrenal problem. It is interesting how many people, myself included, find Levothyroxine of no help at all. In fact I put on a huge amount of weight in the three months I was on it and my hair fell out. Implementing adrenal support and changing to dessicated thryoid was like chalk and cheese. I have yet to read a testimonial from someone who did better on Levothyroxine than Armour thryoid, but there are thousands of testimonials from people who switch the other way round. Thank God for all the people who have walked this road before, for all the knowledge we have at our fingertips which was not around a few years ago and for sites like this.


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