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just had my 6 month appt with hospital after 6 months of 'block and replace' and found that my levels are back to normal and I am now in remission from Graves disease/thyrotoxicosis. So I can stop the treatment! Hurrah!

I lost half of my hair due to the carbimazole/thyroxine treatment and what's left is as straight as anything (my hair has always been bouncy and curly - feel like I have someone else's hair on, lol) Doc says it 'should' grow back as normal...

Fingers crossed that this lasts then - 50/50 chance of it (Graves) returning in which case it'll be the radio iodine thing...

Anyway I am surprisingly knackered and achey, but I suppose it takes a while to shuck off the medication. I feel v upbeat though!

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I am so glad that your treatment has been successful and you feel so's hoping for a long term cessation of the illness and debilitating symptoms. You go girl and enjoy it while you can...have a drastic bnew haircut till it grows back?


that is fantastic news, I am so glad that you are on the road to recovery and long may it last. I myself have been balanced on the right amount of medication and am feeling very upbeat too x


thanks for your good wishes - I have had such a weird year this year, and some very dark moments, just nice to feel positive. If it comes back, I'll deal with it, but just for NOW, I am better!


Hi Jane, really pleased that you are doing fine, hope everything goes well in the future. best wishes angie xxxx


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