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My GP has sent me for a blood tests, which is for, liver function, thyroid, and diabetes. However since someone said to me it sounds like you have a hypothyroid, my symptoms are, extreme tiredness, peadal odema, currently on 40mg of Furosemide and not making much difference, very dry itchy skin especially around my nose, and eyebrows, big flakes peeling off, hair very dry. Could someone please advise me what is a normal range for thyroid, and what should I be asking for if the results come back as normal, as I can't keep falling asleep, I'm only 41 but feel 90, thanks for any help.

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What I can tell you is that there are known effects of Furosemide on the results of thyroid function tests - specifically free T4.

Hopefully this link will work for you:

OK - so the article is especially on intravenous, but I do not think that you can ignore the possibility.

The normal ranges for TSH, Free T4 and any other tests will depend on the laboratory. So ask when you go to your GP surgery for a print out including the results and the reference ranges.

Probably best not to prejudge - the results might clearly show hypothyroidism. Or they might not. If it is possible, can you get your results, post back here, and get some help? Only then go for your GP appointment.

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