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l first contacted Lyn 3years ag0.l was prescribed 12mg of levo by my gp when l was first diagnosed with hypothyrodism/hashimotos (l told my dr that l had hashi he didnt know that an antibody count of Ati-TPO over 3,000 meant this was the diagnosis)he told me we would gradually build up the levo dose and l would then FEEL MUCH BETTER!OH YEA!within a couple of days l was having the most terrible sweats and felt worse than l had done with just the hypo symtoms..l have a long medical file and having supposidly had ME for twelve years l was in the first instant pleased to have a new diagnosis!Lyn advised me to get a adrenal/cortisol test.she was correct in her thinking my adrenals were NOT functioning..l then had to cash in my house endowement policy to raise the funds for private trestment(you cant take it with you when you go, better to live well when your alive!) l won't mention the first DR l saw, other than asking me what my sex life was like!he did prescibe Armour thyroid ,but he, was CRAP! after speaking with Lyn l chose another Dr who l have now been with for three years.He ran tests 24hr urine test and lost of bloods( the tests go to a lab in Belguim) and he was pleased l had already had a adrenal/cortisol test..

He prescibed Armour thyroid. DHEA/pregnenalone and calcium citrate along with lost of supplements..(l will tell you about them in another blog)..the sweats stopped!l picked up over a long length of time untill last april 2009 l went on a holiday to spain feeling the best l had felt for years!the worst for me was my Dr changing me back to Levo along with Cynomel prior to this holiday as he said that the Armour thyroid was in short be continued..

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thanks for your help I would love to know who he is.

I get so upset that Dr Skinner cant help me. has gp wont do any thing.




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