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Getting Brands Noted On File

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I received Accord in replacement of Actavis and I know they are supposed to be the same but rebranded as Actavis is no longer being made, but I feel under medicated (bloods tomorrow) and it gives me a splitting headache. This is the same headache Teva gave me.

I have filled in a yellow card.

I need to get my surgery to put a note saying: Actavis only. If no Avtavis then Glenmark. NO Accord. NO Teva.

I haven't had Glenmark before but thought I'd try that if they cant get Actavis as it isn't being produced anymore (or is but under Accord).

I was told GP today but she hasn't called and I now see on NHS app its tomorrow. I constantly have this issue with surgery and should have been more ontop of it but I have just been feeling so crap.

Can I get reception to put the note on or does it have to be GP. Or is there anyone else that can put it on? It needs to be on there so that Pharmacy can order in something other than Accord. I need them to do this ASAP because I'm struggling to do anything and I have an exam next Wed to help me progress in my career and I cant bloody revise for it.

I did call 111 before and they gave me a number for a pharmacist who said they could get me an emergency prescription and I could go and get some Levo that wasnt accord from a pharmacy that had something else. Now Almus is made by Accors so I disnt want to risk it but now I'm just thinking maybe I should try it? Actavis was made by Accord and that was good... I know itll take a while to kick in r.e. thyroid, and I've got bloods tomorrow that I think will show they need to up it again, which will be interesting if I swap brands and its stronger and I end up needing to come down again but well see...but obviously those wont come back for some time..main thing is getting rid of this headache and when I stopped taking Teva and cut an Actavis 50mcg in half to get the extra 25mcg my headaches stopped that same day. And although I'd be revising in bed and dragging my tired ass into work at least I'd be able to think without a knife cutting into my brain...

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Hi, mine had to be done by the GP as it goes on the prescription itself which reception don't have access to, not sure if a nurse prescriber could also do it?You may be able to get reception to send a message to a GP asking them to do it.

I found that my local pharmacy were happy to give me the brand I wanted without it on the prescription but when I used a large delivery based one they needed the GP to specify on the prescription itself. They would send me the wrong brand with a note saying we have a note on file you should have x brand but your GP didn't specify so we've given you this one.

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Flowerpot108 in reply to HGP1

Ooo good to know. Will go with local pharmacy. They said they will order in specific brands if noted on file 😊

I've never seen glenmark brand before on the list is this new?

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Activis no longer theory Accord is the exact same replacement....many people notice no difference...but a few members have found it very different

No aware of any members being able to get Glenmark

Have you tried Mercury Pharma

I haven't but a pharmacy round here does stock it I remember when I was calling around trying to find Actavis when this all kicked off. I saw Glenmark on the list so thought is try it but it's good to know no one else had had it, in which case maybe I should say Mercury if people have found that ok?

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Flowerpot108

Mercury Pharma make 25mcg, 50mcg and 100mcg tablets and are well tolerated by many people

But it’s always an individual thing which suits each person

Possibly you are just under medicated on new Accord, .....either because the tablets have less absorption or because your needs have changed

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I think we have to accept that Actavis is longer available - even if there are a few packets in the supply chains or on the shelves of some pharmacies.

I have never seen or heard of anyone actually receiving Glenmark - though it does have a UK licence.

You are also leaving open the possibility that you would receive Almus or Northstar - both of which are actually Accord. (25 microgram Northstar are Teva - which you also do not want.) In my book, no point whatsoever even considering them.

It would probably make more sense to identify the makes you would accept.

Which seem to be Mercury Pharma (Advanz), Aristo (100 only) and, Wockhardt (25 only).

Many people find their pharmacy is helpful.

As soon as you get a prescription for a specific make, you need a new prescription if ever the make changes. Which can be a bit of an overhead all round.

Thank you!!!! I'll make a note. I'll go for Mercury as a pharmacy round here has it now and hopefully I can get it on an emergency prescription and get it added to my file. If I have negative symptoms I can ask for it to be changes in a follow up and try something else.

There's so much to learn about how you have to manage the NHS managing your health..

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Flowerpot108

If the pharmacy is willing, get them to note it on their systems. Rather than your GP.

Only get GP to specify make if you really have to!

Unfortunately Pharmacy said they couldn't get anything but Accord in for me unless GP noted it on my file that I needed a specific brand 🙄 111 GP calling me to hopefully issue an emergency prescription so I can go get a different brand. I called pharmacy that stocked Mercury before and they put aside a couple boxes for me ready which is nice. Hopefully I can go get them to start them tomorrow. I'll ask GP to put Mercury on file and then if it does end up giving my side effects I guess I'll have to change the note on my file until I find one that does work.

This pharmacy I'm going to is out the way and I dont drive so would be good to have my local (who is a few doors down) get stuff in for me.

Thanks for the advice. Goodness knows what would have happened if I'd put Glenmark and they couldn't get it. That would have been another saga during which I struggle to do life.

I have had this issue, GP refused to state a specific brand. The Independent pharmacy complained about the cost of the 'special' order for Morningside T3. I emailed the pharmacy head office customer services explaining I must have continuity. They emailed back and told me my pharmacy had put 4 month's supply set aside for me personally. But when I filled my next script I had 2 packs of Morningside and I Mercury Pharma. (For me Morningside is stronger and we'll tolerated, but we are all different). When I told my Cardiologist he wrote to the GP saying it was really important I have the same brand, he said he didn't mind which but must be the same each time. Since then, no issues. I think a Consultants word is law as they are the only one's NICE recognise to prescribe T3 in the first place. Hope this helps.

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