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Onycholysis.... anyone else have this?

I had this 6 months ago my thumbs are symmetrical in damage and now it's flared up on my left hand really bad.

I'm wondering if I'm having a flare up or have rheumatoid arthritis as well as hashimotos..my little fingers swollen and painful.

I'm taking multivitamins and I've been painting my nails with tea tree oil.

Any thoughts please?

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Yes, I get this. Usually just on my little finger on my left hand, but it can suddenly appear on any of my fingers - and at one time, it was on all of them!

It could be that you're having a Hashi's 'hyper' swing (flare) because it is more associated with hyper than hypo. But, there can be many causes.

I find that massaging my nails with hemp balm every night helps enormously! Both as prevention and cure. :)

Grey goose.... Which balm do you use? I'm looking on Amazon now. Also did they reattach or did you have to wait for them to grow out? I'm really concerned one might come off it's very near the bottom.

I don't buy it on Amazon, I buy it here:


And, the nails reattach. But, you have to do it every night, and it does take time. :)

I had this on all fingernails and toe nails about 2 years before I was diagnosed hyper. It did settle down but recently I noticed the outer sides of my large toes still has it.

The practice nurse sent off clipping to confirm is wasn’t fungal. It’s not likely on fingers and I had no thickening of yellowing of the nails, but best to rule that out first.

I tried tea tree on mine but unless diluted I found it too drying on the nail & skin. I have toe numbness too and when skin dry it seems to makes it worse.

Tiger balm and vapour rubs are said to be good. The blend of oils works as a as antifungal & antiseptic. The balm moisturises the skin and helps it sit on skin.

I did have some vapour rub which was soon to be expired and not wanting to waste it I used it and found It was much much better! They did all reattach.

I also used tooth interdentals to carefully clean behind the nail & apply some balm.

What were your recent thyroid function results?

They were ok in 'the range' but hey ho!Grey goose.... Which balm do you use? I'm looking on Amazon now. Also did they reattach or did you have to wait for them to grow out? I'm really concerned one might come off it's very near the bottom.

You have replied to me so greygoose won’t be notified.

Which multi vitamin are you using? Multi aren’t recommended on here as they often contain the cheapest least absorbable ingredients, in insufficient amounts to be of any help. Some contain calcium, iodine & copper which are best avoided.

Do you take well away from hormone replacement?

I always view my own results & never trust a verbal “in range”. Did you get an copy of your results?

You shouldn't be taking a multivitamin anyway for all sorts of reasons.

* If your multi contains iron, it will block the absorption of all the vitamins - you won't absorb a single one! Iron should be taken at least two hours away from any other supplement except vit C, which is necessary to aid absorption of iron, and protect the stomach.

* If your multi also contains calcium, the iron and calcium will bind together and you won't be able to absorb either of them.

* Multi's often contain things you shouldn't take or don't need : calcium, iodine, copper. These things should be tested before supplementing.

* Multi's often contain the cheapest, least absorbable form of the supplement : magnesium oxide, instead of magnesium citrate or one of the other good forms; cyanocobalamin instead of methylcobalamin; folic acid instead of methylfolate; etc. etc. etc. This is especially true of supermarket multis.

* Multi's do not contain enough of anything to help a true deficiency, even if you could absorb them.

* When taking several supplements, you should start them individually at two weekly intervals, not all at once as you would with a multi. Because, if you start them all at once, and something doesn't agree with you, you won't know which one it is and you'll be back to square one.

* Most supplements should be taken at least two hours away from thyroid hormone, but some - iron, vit D, magnesium and calcium (should you really need to take it) should be taken at least four hours away from thyroid hormone.

* The magnesium you take - and just about everybody needs to take it - should be chosen according to what you want it to do:

Magnesium citrate: mild laxative, best for constipation.

Magnesium taurate: best for cardiovascular health.

Magnesium malate: best for fatigue – helps make ATP energy.

Magnesium glycinate: most bioavailable and absorbable form, non-laxative.

Magnesium chloride: for detoxing the cells and tissues, aids kidney function and can boost a sluggish metabolism.

Magnesium carbonate: good for people suffering with indigestion and acid reflux as it contains antacid properties.

Worst forms of magnesium: oxide, sulphate, glutamate and aspartate.

With a multivitamin, you are just throwing your money down the drain, at best, and doing actual harm at worst. Far better to get tested for vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin, and build up your supplementation program based on the results. A vitamin or a mineral is only going to help you if you need it, anyway. More of something you don’t need is not better, it's either pointless or even dangerous, as with iodine, calcium, iron or vit D. :)

Hi I have this condition and it is due to psoriatic nails. I have hypothyroidism too but the nail issues are not related to this .

Gillybean129 in reply to Eton

You have psoriatic arthritis?

Eton in reply to Gillybean129

No just psoriasis of my nails, both toes and fingers.

Gillybean129 in reply to Eton

So it's possible to have this without PsA? Interesting!

I don't have PsA to the best of my knowledge. It was a dermatologist who diagnosed my nail problems. I did show my nails to my endo and he said immediately that it wasn't related to my thyroid issues.

How is PsA diagnosed?

Gillybean129 in reply to Eton

Bloods and x-rays I think...

I suffer with this and it is a sign that my levels are slightly too high. It is usually just my little finger and ring finger that are affected and it was one of the first signs I got that something was wrong with my thyroid and I also lost 50% of my hair.

Here is a link about it


Thanks, I never heard of Plummers!

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