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Warning: A Chinese Takeover


Just to comment that in the most recent months it seems that Chinese doctors are copiously publishing almost every possibility under the sun regarding effects of various trauma on thyroid function. Partly this comes about from deep restrictions on funding which affect UK output considerably. However, I am just sending a word of caution to anyone reading these papers. I keep in mind always, correlation does not mean causation. Because two things are linked it does not mean they are causally linked. Carelessnness in ignoring this can cause huge confusion, when faulty papers have to be corrected by others.

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For goodness sake!

As if we've not enough to cope with we have other countries copying what Researchers in this country have found and fixed. Just like taking sweets from babies.

The fact that other scientists have taken years to resolve problems and illnesses it is 'stealing' their research and should be prohibited. Unfortunately when it comes to money, some will do anything at all in order to bulk out their coffers.

Talking about 'misinformation' The BTA has gone a step too far whilst rubbishing the oldest Thyroid Hormone Replacement (NDT) - its safety well proven in order to get it removed from being prescribed and not taking any notice that NDT saved lives and restored health in many who took it. It also meant that people had to try and source their own NDT which can be difficult if not practically impossible instead of the NHS providing care.

I think these people should resign for permitting False Statements to be actioned about a 'thyroid hormone replacement' proven to be helpful for many.

diogenes in reply to shaws

What I fear is as follows. We know from past and present sad experience that there are two influential amalgamations in thyroidology and diagnosis/treatment. One is US-linked. This group includes the UK, Canada (less strongly), South America, Australia and possibly New Zealand . The other is European-linked and would include Japan as leaning in that direction. The two factions have an uneasy truce, but there are significant differences in the two. The US-linked side tends more to limit itself to its own research results and is typified by US exceptionability - ie for the US, only US work will really fly. I now worry a third behemoth is rising - Chinese-dominated work, which rather seems to value quantity over quality. They do not deny other work elsewhere, but the sheer volume of output can lead to problems in valuation of the work. It is another manifestation of "you must publish as many papers as you can, to get a grant to do it".

shawsAdministrator in reply to diogenes

Very scary indeed.

Thank goodness we've got people of your knowledge and expertise so that we can be led along the 'right road' rather than the 'wrong one'.

LindaC in reply to shaws

Hear, hear shaws... just when people thought it couldn't get any/much worse. Without diogenes and 'our good friends' over these years, not sure where many of us would be.

What else is new ??? Diogenes the Chinese steal and copy and put their signature and stamp on it. Will we ever learn?????

Does this mean thar, for example, civid may not cause euthyroid sick syndrome even though the Chinese researchers say their research say it might?

Tythrop in reply to Tythrop

Typo: Covid not Civid

Lora7again in reply to Tythrop

If you click on more and then edit you can correct your typo.

diogenes in reply to Tythrop

No, they don't get everything wrong, but one has always to dig below the surface to see if the particular study stands up to proper scrutiny.

Having a test done soon, eh!!!

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