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What to test alongside b12?

Hello, you wonderful people. Some advice needed please. In February, I had private bloods done for b12, d3, ferritin, folate & full thyroid test. All seemed well. B12 was 342. In May, it was 614. But since May, I have been feeling quite unwell & very fatigued. I’m considering getting another b12 test done privately. Do I need to get any of the others tested & another full thyroid test + antibodies. I’m also taking d3+cofactors. Just not sure what to do. Many thanks everyone X

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Do you have the lab ranges of your B12? 342 is actually on the low side which can cause symptoms (in many countries that level would be considered deficient). What were your most recent blood test results (thyroid and vits) and when were they done? Can you copy them here


Hi, I’m sorry but don’t know how to get them on this page. I use an iPad. Shall I just copy them out?


If you can copy/paste it will allow the more knowlegable members to help and advise. It may be that it will be beneficial to arrange a private test which encompasses thyroid function, antibodies and vitamins, but I would wait until you get advise here first on what your most recent results are.


Ok. I’ll try to sort it. Thank you X

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