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Help with cortisol Saliva test results

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Hi All,,

I need help with my results please as I have no idea what they mean & what Il have to do next.

They day I did the test ( because of cycle reasons), it was on one of My good days ( get maybe 3 good days in 2 months) So will this give me a false reading, or it won't matter as I've been feeling rubbish for two years now.

I'm also 5weeks + pregnant.. 😊

Please please help me understand as I feel so ill all the time.

Thank you x

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Can someone please take a moment and look at my result as i have no clue what they mean..☹

Thank you

With a BMI of 16.1 you are underweight and bordering on severely underweight according to this link :

I suspect with you being such a low weight that you are suffering from malnutrition or an eating disorder like anorexia. Sorry if I'm being undiplomatic, I don't know how else to say it.

Being underweight, probably malnourished, also pregnant and hypothyroid is not going to make anyone feel well. Your cortisol results are also very poor. I can't tell whether you have poor adrenal function because of your low bodyweight and probable malnutrition, or whether you have Addison's Disease or some other cause of Adrenal Insufficiency. I really think you need to show the results above to a doctor and ask for an early morning serum cortisol test. It should be done fasting except for water at around 8am - 9am, no later.

Some useful links :

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Maya_83 in reply to humanbean for the reply..

I just noticed my BMI on that form and that is defiantly incorrect. Lol as I'm no where near under weight. My actual BMI is 22.

I also had an early morning cortisol blood test done on the 9th Nov

Cortisol level 563.

That's does help at All?

My vit d, folate, ferritin and b12 are all optimal as I get them tested regularly.


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