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GMC aims to recognise the role of patient support groups in revised guidance


The GMC are consulting on their revised Consent guidance which outlines what doctors should consider when discussing treatment and care with patients.

The updated guidance focuses on the importance of communication, personalised conversations, and doctors and patients making decisions about treatment and care together.

The GMC restructured it and made it clearer, so it’s easier for doctors to apply in practice. And they’ve provided more advice, including steps to follow when making decisions in different circumstances.

The guidance reflects the law, policy and healthcare settings in all four countries of the UK.

The page is here

There is a link for the patients response for comments on the revised guidance.

The revised guidance is here

Please read and complete the survey. This is important because for the first time the medical profession aims to recognise the role of patient support groups, and the need to use probability when explaining risks e.g. the notorious "there is a risk of osteoporosis or atrial fibrillation" quote with no probability.

The revised guidance says "We also say (at paragraph 28) that doctors should check that their patient understands the terms they use, particularly when describing the seriousness, frequency (how often it could happen) and likelihood (chances of it happening) of a possible harm."

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I would have liked to complete the survey but I am computer illiterate so could not, sorry. Anything to do with downloading etc.etc. is an enigma to me.

All of my thoughts and ideas have gone out the window even thought I went to a good grammar school back in the 50/60's.

Hopefully many others will

We all do what we can for the “cause”

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