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Cirtisol test help


I’ve had cirtisol test back from Regenerus if I can have help on interpretation please.

7.45AM 11. (Optimal range 18-35). (Reference interval 5.1-40)

11.45AM 3.9. (Optimal range 6.0-12). (Reference interval 2.1-16)

5.45PM 1.2. (Optimal range 2.0-5.0) (Reference interval 1.5-8.0)

10PM 0.77. (Optimal range 1.0-4.0) (Reference Interval 0.33-7.0

DHEA* 280. (Reference interval 106-300)

With a note to say*

Diurnal cortisol pattern is insistent with evolving (phase 2) HPA axis (adrenal gland) dysfunction.


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Note: I am not a medical professional, my advice is speculative and based on my experience and my own medical literature research.

Your cortisol levels are on the low side for sure, although I'm not sure what the note means regarding the pattern - it looks relatively normal to me. A peak in the morning (Cortisol Awakening Response, CAR), followed by a steep decline into the mid afternoon. After this it levels out slightly (3.9 down to 1.2) into the evening, this is what is meant by the second "peak", it is more of a levelling off of the decline. And finally it drops to it's lowest point before you sleep.

The pattern seems normal to me, however the adrenal output is consistently suboptimal throughout the day. I would recommend persuing further advice from a doctor or your GP, or ideally an endocrinologist. You might be able to talk to one here, or if you contact the pituitary foundation if you need further help with interpretation.

Your cortisol does not seem dangerously low (i.e. I don't think it's low enough to cause adrenal crisis) - but it does warrant further investigation in my opinion.

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