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Is there a problem with either trolls or... what ??

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Hi - from Monday 29th October, I have been unable to sign in to HU from my MSN to daily posts. The very day that happened, I'd received a couple of 'likes your post' and a further comment from:

****** wrote:

'Lord have mercy on Hypo's', in response to an old post I'd written years back: "Simplicity my A***" - having been recently 'liked' and responded to by him.

Anyone any idea what this could be?

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I'd contact HealhUnlocked.

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LindaC in reply to helvella

Thank you - I just can't sign in - the email 'flickers' and wont' open up. Will do.

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Hidden in reply to LindaC

If emails won't open could be because they're infected with a virus. Depending on whether you're using Apple or Microsoft products, check your anti virus software. Might help if you clear all cookies. I'm no expert--- just a couple of things I can think it might be.

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LindaC in reply to Hidden

Thank you - seems just some weird glitch - anti-virus'd up to the hilt. It suddenly, 36.ish hrs later became fine again. Never happened before... pre-cursor to Halloween ;-)

Dear LindaC,

I had a problem, fairly recently, apparently I was 'Suspended' from these pages. There was No reason given, nor could I think of one. I simply contacted John & Susan and They, very kindly, 'Sorted It' for me. I was Back On, by the next time I Logged In.

Beyond this I cannot say further, except that Hackers- and other 'wrong Doers'- are Constantly Hacking/ Compromising/ Disrupting and generally, trying to 'interfere'. I have 'Posted' regarding, some of the most Outrageous ones- MY Death, was apparently, reported in America....If I gave 'Them' ALL my details, they could sort it....How KIND!

There are One Heck Of A Lot, of these people, out there, but please DO know that WE ARE NOT like that, at all. You, like me- indeed any of us so Targeted- have done Nothing Wrong. Yes make HU aware, when you can, Keep your Anti-Virus Software up to date, don't Click anything Suspicious.....but you Know All This, don't you? I won't, actually Tell you, what I would say to these people....It's not Polite and I am a Gentleman....


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LindaC in reply to AndrewT

Thank you so much AndrewT - I know, I come from a family of teckies who do help with what to buy etc.

Wow - your death!?! eek, that is... wahh. Suppose it's just a sign of the sicko times we're living in :-(

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