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Screening for thyroid problems in pregnancy


This article has examined the pros and cons of screening for thyroid problems in pregnancy, and has decided that on the whole it is a desirable thing to do, given the frequency with which problems can occur.

Front. Endocrinol., 25 October 2018 |

Thyroid Screening in Early Pregnancy: Pros and Cons

Peter N. Taylor, Stamatios Zouras, Thinzar Min, Kalyani Nagarahaj, John H. Lazarus and Onyebuchi Okosieme

Open Access

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I highlight:

Ensuring preconception iodine sufficiency through targeted public health campaigns and sufficient prenatal iodine supplementation should be integrated with thyroid screening programmes. Iodine deficiency is common during pregnancy, particularly in Europe (61) and correction of mild-moderate iodine deficiency may have obstetric and offspring benefits (62) although a recent large trial of iodine supplementation in pregnancy in mild iodine deficiency failed to show benefits on offspring IQ (63). However, in countries like the United Kingdom which are iodine deficient in pregnancy with no routine iodine fortification programs, iodine supplementation during pregnancy and ideally 3 months prior to conception is desirable (64). The United Kingdom position is surprising given the action already taken by most other high, middle and low income countries to have iodine fortification if they are also iodine deficient in pregnancy Iodine supplementation may also be of benefit to some high risk groups for pregnancy. Certain population groups are at increased risk of being iodine deficient. In particular, obese women are more likely to be iodine deficient and have other micro-nutrient deficiencies in pregnancy (65).

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very important and thanks for information.

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