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Last Saturday I woke up and both my hands were swollen, so much so that I had to remove the rings in my right hand.

They settled down after a few hours but one knuckle in the right hand is still tender and slightly larger than before.

The day before I had to stand on a bus journey for about 30 minutes or so holding on to the rails (the driver was more than a little enthusiastic!) and I remember thinking that I’d suffer some Ill-effects as a result.

I suppose the thing worrying me is the possibility that it’s RA.

I’ve read of a link with Hashimotos.

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Make sure you rest when you need to and look at natural ways to bring down inflammation. Omega 3/6/9 through plant based oils (Oils give you more than capsules) or tumeric may help but check how they relate to Hashimotos before you take anything,

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