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How to increase BP and circulation

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Hey everyone! 👋🏼

I was wondering if anyone know of any tips or been successful in raising their BP and improving circulation?

The poor blood flow causes pooling of blood in my calves and consequently swelling with putting as well as discoloured skin on my legs with purple-ish undertones and sort of marble look. This all happens within 5-10 minutes of getting out of bed after the night - My legs are fine when still in bed.

I know of and already tried coffee, salt, Ginko and Horse Chestnut with no result. On NDT 3 grains.


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Are you sure your blood pressure is low? Support hosiery may be the most helpful thing till you resolve the underlying cause. You could be under or over treated perhaps?

When you try natural herbs these take much longer to achieve results in the body, this can take weeks, months even.

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