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Could Under active Thyroid and Crohn’s be connected

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This is my first Post and hope to be one of many, now that I have joined this community of people looking for answers.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s and Under Active Thyroid in 1992,and always thought there was a connection somehow ,could it be possible ? This has been a bad year with other medical issues to deal with ,so will relate to that in my next post.

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Crohn's is autoimmune in origin and having one autoimmune condition increases the likelihood of getting another so therefore could be linked to autoimmune/Hashimotos' thyroiditis therefore hypothyroidism.

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Credo in reply to Kes8

Hi Kes8

Thankyou for your reply, I thought that might be the case. After all these years you just seem to live with them, and the ups and downs of different meds over the years.

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