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Cheaper DIO2 test?

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So bearing in mind the warnings in the below thread, I've found a clinic who seem to offer DIO2 testing without counselling, for £60:

Too good to be true? Has anyone tried it?

Thread about the clinic:

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shawsAdministrator is an extremely small charity and employs three people.

In order to enable them to help fund monetary resources as they have the same expenses of running an office and needing the usual paraphenalia - the labs recommended give TUK small increments which help to defray some of their expenses which are large. They also have immense work to do, especially with the Lords at present regarding the withdrawal of T3 from patients:-

We can all become members of TUk for a very small yearly sum.

If it wasn't for there would be no forum on HU regarding conditions of the thyroid gland. Thousands of us give time to responding to others on HU, who are not members of as individuals. We are happy to do so as I, for one, have recovered thanks to TUK.

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You can't have any genetic testing without counselling

It's £60 for test and £60 for counselling usually

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