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Hi, I’ve just joined these forums via the app. Recently diagnosed with UAT and put on levothyroxine , I’ve suffered with chronic pain, depression anxiety etc for years and this year alone gained 3 stone 😢 I only found out because of my age and they did a hormone check. I’ve even been sectioned.. the symptoms are the same as what I’ve been going through for almost 20 years 😮. Thyroid problems never even crossed my mind. Some days I can’t even walk for the pain . I’m now seeing doctor and nurse every 4 weeks until the Levo is at maximum. Doctors said it won’t get better but I’m putting a lot of faith in these pills already..

Christine x

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Hello Christine, welcome to the forum.

How much levo are you taking, now? Do you always get copies of your results? If not, you really should. :)

I'm sure that things will improve, when you get on the right dose, but it can take some time. If you have a specific question, do ask. But, always give as much detail as possible - especially blood test results and ranges. :)

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