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Saw Endo yesterday


Well first I was told by my Dr to stop taking high blood pressure pills which I was getting headaches, and itchy ears with my feet feeling numb while laying down. Also woke up twice with my left side numb and in pain. Been off high blood pressure pill since a week already, and blood pressure was fine yesterday at my Endo, she said my pressure was good. I asked her about my Thyroid and she said she will just continue to keep an eye on my TSH which I go back to have my blood drawn in 3 more weeks since my last TSH was 4.71 she said it was in the low range. She also mentioned it could take two more years without any medication, and no she didn’t mention remission but I don’t know what to think of it since I’ve been Of Methamizole for already two months. I’ve been feeling better, and I did ask about the missed heart beats I get off and on, she said it’s no big deal since it could be that I’ve just become to sensitive to everything I’ve never paid attention to before I had a Thyroid condition. Well I hope I could also be of help to anyone or going to a similar phase as I am. The only bothering thing is a headache that comes and seems to go after I eat. I started with these headaches with the high blood pressure pills I no longer take. Anyways thanks so much, I’ve learned a lot on this forum than the ones in the United States where I’m from.

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Hello lovely lady its a shame that you only can have tsh done as this alone does not give a full picture at all!! Is there no way you can get your frees done privately?

So your blood pressure is good now, well thats good, cant remember if you have had your irons tested and b12 and folate because if you are deficient then this can cause headaches too, hopefully others can advise you on what to do?

Wow 2 months off carbi now -thats gone quick😊 im every other day now for the last 2 weeks now. Hey i too have ecttopic beats-gp has referred me to cardio now as i pestered to be tested further but gp not concerned as he said it probably down to the thyroid or meds etc.xx


This may be helpful re high blood pressure. :)

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