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Thyroid Medication Issues On Hydrocortisone


Hi All,

I have been hypothyroid for a long time and track temperatures and pulse etc frequently. I have never been able to get it under control properly and have had the best results on high t3, which always concerned me as taking 100mcg seemed crazy, but was the only thing that made me slightly better and got rid of hypo symptoms.

Anyway, I did a cortisol saliva test and was below range on the first 3 readings and normal at night, so the doctor put me on hydrocortisone (5mg 6am wake up, 5mg, 11am and 5mg 4pm). At first I had literally never, ever felt better in years and years, but after a few days a had horrible hyper symptoms (I'm assuming to t3 pooling).

I stopped t3 and 5 days later this went away and a felt really great, but not like when I first started.

The issue is, if I take t3 in almost any minimal dose I get weird symptoms like really sore eyes, brain fog, my eyes feel like they are popping, I can't concentrate for 2 seconds and my short term memory has literally disappeared).

Has anyone else had these symptoms?

Could it still be pooled t3 from high doses in the past? If so, how long will this take to remedy itself?

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T3 stays in the blood for about 24 hours and in the cells for about three days. What exactly do you mean by 'pooling'? Is there even such a thing and how would it be possible when there's no T3 left after 24 hours? And if there is such a thing, it would be in the blood, so how would that give you hyper symptoms? You could only have hyper symptoms if the hormone got into the cells. Hormone in the blood doesn't do anything. I really do not believe in 'pooling'.

If you need 100 mcg T3, then you need it. It's just a number. We have to take what makes us well. You could have hormone resistance at a cellular level. There are no tests for that, so we don't know. But if you need 100 mcg T3 to feel well, then why not take it? Do you have any blood tests to share with us, so we can get a better idea of what is going on? :)

lsando8624 in reply to greygoose

Thanks for your reply. I heard the concept of 'pooling' on Stop The Thyroid Madness, although you may be correct. When I felt best on T3, by free T3 with 18.4 (obviously crazy high), but no hyper symptoms.

Any idea why it seems that I can't take handle T3 since starting on Hydrocortisone?

greygoose in reply to lsando8624

Yes, I thought as much. They talk about it in vague terms, but don't explain it. I think they invented it. lol

Some people do feel best when on a high dose with high, over-range FT3, because they don't absorb well at a cellular level, and need to flood the receptors.

I have no idea about the HC. It's supposed to make it easier for your body to use T3. Have you had your nutrients tested? Vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin?

Any idea why it seems that I can't take handle T3 since starting on Hydrocortisone?

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