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Blurred vision

Hi, me again..sorry.

Although I'm educating myself on the thryoid etc, I'm still learning the relationship between hypothyroidism..which I believe I have (if you've seen my previous posts, you'll have seen I've been told I have nothing wrong with me, despite symptoms of hypothyroidism, elevated TSH etc etc) and hypoglycemia.

It could just be a theory, but my vision tends to go blurry at times; I'm now wondering if it's due to low blood sugar. Is this a common occurrence within hypothyroid patients?

I'm keeping a food diary; to keep track of food intolerances, and any symptoms (I'm including if I believe I have low blood sugar and blurred vision).

Also, I have as of yesterday, become gluten free :) ( after following some of your advice, and literature I've read) and still await my endocrinology consultation with a different consultant on Wednesday.


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I’ve had blurred vision also starting in my 50s. In my case I do have slight general fluid retention (+1 at most) that is variable, just as my blurred vision has been. I tend to retain fluid on Synthroid, & may have developed a sensitivity to something in it &/or absorption problem. I’ve wondered if this generalized fluid retention, or swelling affects the eyes contributing to blurring(?). I’ve seen a Ophthalmologist not that long ago who checked out the whole nine yards & was ok.


Hi, mine seemed to have started before taking any thyroid medication. I'm having my contact lense check up in a few weeks, I'm going to mention it to them as well as the endocrinology consultant.

Thank you :)


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