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Albuterol and other drugs, all I want to do is save lives or a least make them better!

Have you ever been to the doctor and had a breathing test and pass it with flying colors but the doctor still wanted to give you Albuterol and take the test again, why? The doctors tried that on my husband and I but I told him I'm not taking that S**t and when he tried to do the same thing to my husband I told him your not giving him that S**t either that made the doctors and staff upset! If I wasn't there my husband would have done it because he didn't know what they were giving him! I do have some medical training CNA and did homecare I saw what Albuterol had made people worse! A doctor prescribed a 99 year old female Flonase for an ear ach that poor woman was in agony from the side effects. At another home a doctor prescribed Zoloft to a 94 year old male with dementia it made him crazy and he stayed up all night! People tend to trust doctors to much, before a doctors want to give you or your family something please do some research first and see if its necessary it my save a life! When I was vitamin deficient I was so depressed, anxiety, couldn't sleep, and had aches and pains all over my body but I refused to take medication, thank God I did because the drugs might have killed me! We eat a good diet with our supplements, the depression, anxiety, aches and pains are gone and I sleep like a log!

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No one can force you to take anything. I've never passed a breathing test so I wouldn't know. But I only need to use my inhaler a couple of times a year now instead of 10 times a day. Here it is mostly anti-depressants and statins that doctors like to prescribe as they get extra money for doing so. I was very well really on salbutamol, so it obviously doesn't disagree with everyone.

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