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Since being diagnosed with hypothyroid a year ago my body has changed in appearance. I’m carrying weight more in my mid section and hips. I workout daily, I am gluten free, I do not drink alcohol, I eat Whole Foods, I feel I’m doing everything I can yet my weight remains the same. Would anyone have any helpful hints for me on how to trim down my mid section besides the usual sit-ups crunches stuff like that I already do that. Tips on how to help the scale go down as well. My thyroid numbers are ok

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Hiya hope your well, I had the same issue until my thyroid levels got better. What's your TSH and T4 at the moment, I found I have to work out twice as hard and started weights as this increases your cardiovascular so much, you can't really target loosing weight in your mid drift it comes when your fat mass reduces. Good luck and don't forget it's who you are inside that counts.


Hi there ☺ my suggestion would be along with thyroid medication/levels,check your sex hormones as you could be estrogen dominant.

I would also suggest Kinesiology for helping with symptoms. I have not been able to shift extra weight for 4 years despite trying all kinds of things. I have gone to the Hilary Newman clinic in Gloucester and I have lost a stone and am now tackling the next 2. Good luck 😊


What’s kinesiology?


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