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Skinny with Hypothyroidism


Heya guys,

im 16 and was diagnosed during Christmas. I have an amazing immune system and it was the first time visiting the gp since i was 8. Anyway, I apparently have hypothyroidism but when i was tested, it took levo and had normal levels. I dont know what kind of thyroid issue i have, nor teh results, but i never showed any symptoms at all for hypothyroidism. Im very sporty and active, and never tired. I only had a blood test, because he was worried i had low iron levels.

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Ask for a copy of all your results and post them here. If your results are only a bit out it would be better not to start levothyroxine as you will do better with your own hormone production. I suspect the results indicated your thyroid is failing but your body is doing a good job of compensating. In which case it does make sense to start levothyroxine and in the long term you are likely to need higher doses. The fact you are well at the moment suggests your case will be easy to treat and you are less likely to have the problems many of us on this forum have.

At the moment I suspect you are in full time education and so get free prescriptions until the age of 18. Hypothyroid patients are entitled to free prescriptions for life. So, put a reminder in your fancy smart 'phone (everyone your age has one?) to ask your doctor for a free prescription form when you turn 18. Every cloud has a silver lining!

Can I ask why you visited the Doctor if you had no symptoms? Perhaps I misread your post, anyway please get a full copy of your blood test results and post them with the ranges on here. By the way you are entitled by law to get your results just ask the Doctors surgery for the copy.

Glad they caught this early! It can be difficult to get diagnosed when one doesn't fit the stereotype.

Not all hypothyroid people gain weight. It's very common to gain, but also some people stay the same, and others lose weight. Everyone is different.

If you have absolutely no symptoms, then you might want to delay treatment, as Jim111 suggests. But think very carefully about whether you get anything like: feeling tired and sluggish or needing to rest more than others, dry skin, hair loss, constipation, being very disorganised and not able to settle and get as much work done as others, anxiety or depression, feeling cold, extra tiring and painful periods. Being athletic can mask some symptoms - hypothyroid people are said to get more of an exercise high and energy boost afterwards then non-hypo people.

It's important to get hold of your test results, though, to keep track of where you are. If you have the most common form of hypothyroid, Hashimoto's disease (also called autoimmune thyroid disease), your symptoms will get slowly worse over time. But if you have as less common form you really want to know about it, as they tend to be more complicated.

You have been very pro-active to come and ask us! That will give you a good start. If you're going to have this illness for life, you need to find out as much about it as you can. Doctors are often wrong and you need to double check everything they tell you.

Hi I was 17 when I got diagnosed I was skinny too 7 and half stones they tried to diagnose me with anorexia!! My mum was persistent and they tested I'm 44 now and have 8 babies two losses and have to work hard to keep my weight off I look at a biscuit and I put weight on but it's ok really you will be fine xx

Hey guys, I finally replied! Sorry about not doing so before. They have taken me off to Levo to recheck my dosage idk why they just have and I'm going to get retested then. I'll find out what kind and try getting hold of the information. I have tried to access this information but apparently the process is really long. Thanks for all your comments I really appreciate your help.

Merry Christmas

Good to hear things are moving along at least! When you get the new blood tests, make sure you ask for a print out when you're in the surgery with the doctor, or if they make a phone appointment pop into the surgery that week to collect them. That's the easiest way to get copies.

If you're being sent the more complicated route they are probably talking about accessing your whole medical record. Which you're legally entitled to do, but may have to do some form filling and have a wait for. They might require you to go through that if a few weeks or more have passed (I have heard 40 days, but not sure it's accurate).

When you get your results it would be a good idea to make a brand new post, type in the results and ask people to help you understand anything. As I was saying before, if you have autoimmune hypothyroid it will be for life, and you need to inform yourself so you can keep an eye out for doctor's mistakes.

Merry Christmas to you, too, and I hope you get some answers about your health in the New Year :)

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