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Has anyone any experience with MACA Powder?

Someone has recommended Maca Powder to increase energy levels. Turns out I had some in the cupboard from Aldi I’ve never used.

Does anyone have any good experiences using this? I found this link that says it can help if your hypothyroid naturalendocrinesolutions.c...

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It says it is part of the brassica family. I'm sure I've read that brassicas suppress thyroid output.


Oh I read it can help thyroid function overall thru adrenals so to avoid if you have graves. But it won’t increase output but can help energy levels if hypo


Pick your study and take your choice.

There is so much contradictory stuff out there is is very difficult to know what to believe.


I tried it about 10 years ago for menopause but didn't really see any difference. Tastes quite nice.

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