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Dirty Genes - day 6 “How Your Genes Work

Dr Ben Lynch the Dirty Genes host delivers the leading experts to discuss genetics and epigenetics. Today’s speakers cover the following topics:

Dr. Sara Gottfried, Hormones, Genetic Variants, and Stress

Paul Anderson, Cancer is Not What You Think

Mike Mutzel, High Intensity Exercise Pitfalls to Avoid

Magdalena Wszelaki, Hormones Are Affected By Your Food

Eric Balcavage, Hypothyroidism May Be Protecting You

Lyn Patrick, Fatty Liver Disease: Causes, Testing, and Treatments

“Did you know that it is a genetic mutation that decides if you are more likely to have an asthmatic reaction to cats or get hives from certain foods?

Did you know that it's a genetic mutation that often dictates, down the road, if you get cancer - or not - or fatty liver disease, or even depression?

You might know that these facts are true, but do you know that you can actually learn to turn these genetic mutations on or off?” statement.by Dr Ben Lynch. go.dirtygenessummit.com

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