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I have been suffering from stomach problems (nausea, vomiting, loose stool, bloating etc) ever since I was diagnosed 6 years ago.

I was speaking to a friend who suggested gastroparesis and a link between this and hypothyroidism.

Does anyone have this problem or heard about it? I was after some advice if anyone has and whether a doctor would listen to me about it (I know some who just dismiss anything someone says)

I am only 20 as well so whether my age would impact it?

Thanks in advance.

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article on gastroparesis.


have come across suggestion that slow transit may be part of explanation for high incidence of GI problems in hypothyroid patients because of weakening of the muscles in the gut slows down the general transit so there could be a link there - though the article doesn't list hypothyroidism as a known cause of gastroparesis.

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Another thing to ask your doctor about is a condition called Dysbiosis.


What is that?


It is when the bad bacteria take over your gut and bowel, food ferments in there rather than being digested.

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Serendipity_28 ,

I just did a quick search on PubMed:


Top two papers are, possibly, relevant and readily and freely available:



Links towards top right corner of each of these take you to the full texts.

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