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NHS surveys

Just had survey from the NHS asking me various questions about experiences with my doctor's surgery and my own general health. On one of the questions they listed all the usual long term health conditions people suffer with, but no mention of thyroid problems, do they not consider this a long term condition. So I wrote at the bottom of the list under active thyroid as I consider this a long term condition. I was told I would be on medication for life and that means a long term condition as far as I am concerned.

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I think it's disgraceful that they missed out hypothyroidism. It's probably because they didn't want comments on needing T3! People should make sure that they put comments as you have done.


How were you chosen to receive a questionnaire? if we could all fill one in and post a comment re thyroid, they might just sit up and take notice.! maybe I am being overly optimistic!

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The questionaire just arrived in the post.


Any info where it arrived from, where do you have to return it to?


I've just received one. Ipsos MORI random questionnaire on behalf of NHS re local GP practices.

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My local practice gives out survey forms to patients while they are waiting, but no envelopes are provided, so there is no assurance of confidentiality. The receptionist ticks names off a list as the forms are handed over. The remarks I've overheard indicate that people feel initimidated by the process; unsurprisingly, patient satisfaction is reported to be in the high 90s percentage.

The long term illnesses listed on the practice website are:






Mental Health




Nothing else!


Shame you can't embarrass the practice in public for their survey methodology.

Oh and I suspect the diseases are chosen as the ones the practice does or can get more money for if they have a special clinic.


I too suspect these are the more profitable long term conditions they want to focus on. They have a rather incoherent blurb on the home page of their website, which I think emphasises funding and cost concerns:


To be an innovative Practice working together to maximise the health and well-being of individuals and our community.

Develop the practice whilst making best use of resources to ensure and maintain a high standard of patient care.


To develop all practice personnel, IT systems and exploit funding opportunities in order to provide a platform to position the practice to be able to make best use of resources to ensure and maintain a high standard of patient centred care.


We are a patient centred and ethical medical practice committed to supporting the whole community fairly in accordance with patient needs in a cost effective way.

The last paragraph on 'values' is complete bull, just by the way... ;-)


What a strange list! There should be guidance as to what they term long term. 2016 diagnosed cancer, has the op, didn't need chemo buy had a short course radiotherapy and discharge and passed my first annual follow up. And yes in pain at the moment as broken my wrist but it's getting less so anything within the term of recovery I accept as not being a long term problem


I'm sorry to hear you're still in pain Silverfox7. That's been going on for a while now, I think? But I agree, as you've fortunately recovered from cancer, there should be no reason nowadays to assume automatically that it will be a long term condition.


Broke my wrist 12 October, operated 23 October still painful but lessening! I'm usually very good with pain but this was something else! Physio suggested other day that putting plate in and screws may have affected a nerve, certainly felt like that!


That sounds nasty! :-( I hope something can be done to help.


I'm told I'm doing well but it's going to take time so can now move my fingers a little but swelling is holding me back. Missing driving most of all! But thank you for caring, means a lot x

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You're very welcome. :-)

Take good care. x

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The return address for the survey is Coventry.


hubby received same survey in post yesterday. I have asked him to comment re nothing on thyroid issues.!


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