Fructans vs Gluten

I don’t know how many people on here have already read this article, but I post it because it makes a lot of sense to me. Going gluten free definitely had benefits for me over the longer term but I can’t disassociate gluten from all the other things I was doing in parallel to get my health back on track. I was always puzzled that eating a slice of pizza in a situation I simply couldn’t avoid, had no affect on my gut. I eat oats every morning even though they are said to be contaminated with gluten. Again with no apparent effect. I’ve eaten croutons by mistake in a restaurant with nothing to complain of later. Yet I have noticed that I have reacted to pears and onions in a way that took me completely by surprise. These anomalies always left me feeling a bit suspicious that gluten wasn’t the whole story. This article makes complete sense to me and gives me the satisfaction of knowing that with some small adjustments I can eat a more satisfying range of foods and feel much less guilty if by paying slightly less attention, some fructans get into my gut. By all accounts a little of the bad stuff is actually good for you. This contrasts so completely with gluten where I came to understand that even a trace amount would set you back months.

I’m certainly going to try going fructan free from now on. I’d be interested in anyone else who sees this article as providing a helpful incite into gluten, diets and autoimmune conditions.

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I have read the article thank you and tend to agree with it. People who only listen to others are all in the GLUTEN FREE FRENZY) when their symptoms could be related to other foods.

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My integrative physician suggested I go gluten free dairy free, sugar free and to go organic.

Reason; those items cause inflammation and poor gut health, probable irritants to autoimmune disorders.

I believe I've slowed down the progression of my symptoms, no longer get eye ulcers.

Anyone else agree w this food plan?


I haven't a clue sorry I don't have gut problems myself, or Hashimotos. I hope the you get better on the plan.


I agree, the gluten issues could so easily be caused by these FODMAP foods given they are very similar in their molecular structure to the gluten molecule. I also think each of us need to be very honest with ourselves if we are to really find out what our triggers are. I found this article very useful because it made sense of the fact a number of gluten items really had no effect on me.


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