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Cortisol Results a clearer picture

Cortisol Results a clearer picture

Hi Thankyou for the response to my cortisol results I have attached a clearer picture and yes I have got some tablets to take but the Endo said take at 11pm then go got my blood test at 8am ? That's not 12 hours, will it be less accurate if I follow what the Endo says or shall I do it for 12 hours which is what was advised on here ?

Thankyou for responding it is very much appreciated The Endo didn't seem to concerned just starting with this test then if it's abnormal then go on to having 24hr urine test then last of all imaging !

I did gain a lot of weight , but over the last two months I've lost over a stone in weight and feel dreadful .

Thanks Again

Kazbe x

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I'm sorry you've had no replies. You could either tag in some of the people who replied to your previous post or repost this one.


Do you take anything for cortisol ?are these results low or high cortisol (sorry can’t understand as I did different one). Mine was a bit low and went to nutritionist and he is making specially tailored herbs for my adrenaline and cortisol


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