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Acne from Levothyroxine

I have Hashitmotos and I'm still trying to get the right dosage, but ever since I started I've been getting horrible cystic acne. It's been getting worse the higher the dosage I get (I'm on 100mcg now) and it's making me miserable. I know there seems to be not a lot on this topic even though so many people are suffering from it. Does anyone have any success stories? I'm still not feeling 100% so I'm pretty sure I'm not going hyper, I just am feeling so helpless!

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I think we're going to need a bit more information before anyone can really help you, here.

Do you have copies of your lab results? If so, post them on here, with the ranges.

When were you diagnosed?

Do you have antibodies?

How long have you been on 100 mcg? It's not a high dose, have you ever been on a higher dose? If so, why was it decreased?



Are you taking any vitamin supplements?

B12 or biotin especially?

But according to this article iodine may be culprit and that's in Levo which you have to take


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Thanks SlowDragon for the link- that's new information for me.


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