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Hello you precious fellow sufferers, I felt that life just 'sucks' sometimes but I do feel a lot more encouraged today than when I was first diagnosed (2012), it certainly has been an uphill struggle though what with being menopausal AND hypothyroid all at once.... Oh mummy...!!!!

I just wanted to encourage you, there is light at the end of the tunnel because I feel like I am getting there at long last.

Originally my levo dosage was way too low and I really, really suffered (like most) but because of my 'family history of cardiac problems' my GP was understandably cautious about the levo dosage being too high, but now five years on my levo dosage has been adjusted to where I feel 'normal' again (*she sighs*) at last!

I have a lot of empathy for those who are still suffering but just hang on in there because you will feel 'normal' again i just takes time and patience.

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Thanks for the encouragement, pippadeeI was fairly recently diagnosed myself and trying to learn about the condition and take appropriate steps. I'm now on 75mg of levo daily, with a blood test on Monday to check my levels. I'm post-menopausal, have put on tons of weight, but am struggling with motivation to tackle it. Feeling fatigued, grumpy and confused.

Very glad to know I'll get through this!

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I love reading these encouragements, thank you Pippadee, it really helps.

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Thank you for posting! It's great encouragement to others to read your experience

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