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TSH finally normal, when will I feel it?

Hello, I’ve been on Levothyroxin for about 5 months. TSH went from over 150, to 10, to 11 and now .4!!! I still have a lot of joint pain and hair loss. I’m wondering if my body is still trying to catch up? Is it normal to not feel well yet? I’m holding on to hope that I will feel better soon. Anyone on the same boat who didn’t instantly feel better with a normal TSH but eventually did?

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Feeling well can take longer to catch up despite bloods looking good. 5 months isn't all that long really.

Is the TSH 0.4?

What about FT4 and FT3?

Have you had vitamins and minerals tested

Vit D




Some symptoms can be down to low levels of these. If not tested then ask for them to be done because all must be optimal (not just in range) for thyroid hormone to work properly.

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Thank-you for your reply, I haven’t had vitamins tested. Dr is very focused on the TSH, he said that he wants me to wait a few months now that TSH is good and go from there. FT4 is within range, don’t know t3. Thank-you for reminding me that 5 months isn’t too long, it’s just seems like forever when I feel like this. I’ll ask for those vitamins my next appt, I hope to be feeling better by then. TSH is 0.4


Joint pain might be low Vit D, hair loss might be low ferritin, so it's worth getting nutrients tested if GP is willing, if not I'd do them with a private test with Blue Horizon or Medichecks.


Did you find out if you had high antibodies?



Yes, I was hoping it was temporary since this started a few months after my baby but the Dr said my antibodies were extremely high so it wasn’t due to the pregnancy 🙁


May not be due to pregnancy but antibodies can affect pregnancy. This is a link.



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