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Levothyroxine manufacturing??

Hello again,

Wonder if anyone could assist re the levothyroxine manufacture in U.K.. I've had extreme adverse reaction to TEVA.. tablet

Previous years I've been suffering with migraines and other debilitating symptoms when on activas tab.

And precious to that was suffering with ME and multiple other conditions when started on levothyroxine 13 years ago.

I'm now using a liquid which is stated to be the answer to the problem however.

I'd like to ask about the possibility probability of adverse reaction to levothyroxine itself and if it is generically manufactured or individually at each company leaving it open to different responses etc

Any help much appreciated from this amazing community.

Best wishes..


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How are you doing on the liquid Levothyroxine?

Each company produces its own Levothyroxine make and adverse reaction is usually due to one or more of the fillers in the tablets. There no fillers in liquid Levothyroxine which is why some people tolerate that better than tablets.

A few people are unable to tolerate any form of Levothyroxine in synthetic tablets, liquid or NDT and may need Liothyronine (T3) instead.


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