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Dr. Tom O'Bryan will be speaking today

"Then in a special bonus video I’m delighted to have Dr. Tom O’Bryan on hand. Dr. Tom is a leader in the functional medicine space and he helps us understand Cellular Prosperity and how DNA testing and modern diagnostics are changing the game."

Some of you may know of Dr. O'Bryan in the autoimmune world. This short series called Prosperity has been very enlightening but I realize it is difficult for many to take advantage since it only plays for 24 hours. Health is only a small part of the series but hopefully it will improve even our lives. These socially conscious entrepreneurs are attempting to change the disgusting practices that go on in this world and we certainly know it is needed in OUR world.

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Heloise you’re always at the front of the line with new and exciting information . Perhaps I’m missing something somewhere where is the doctor speaking or is there a video?


I've just listened to it and it is FABULOUS. I don't know if you can get into the talk because this documentary is online and you had to register but I can only share on Facebook or email but if you go to you may be able to get to the Prosperity link. They certainly want everyone to see it. There are several interviews each day for one day only.

I posted when it began about four days ago but I realize it's difficult to keep up with these things. They are going to show it in theaters in a week or two and I'm sure some of this is going to end up on You Tube. This one is gigantic and he also goes into specifics about gluten. Every DOG they autopsied in Mexico has Alzheimers which can be cured by the way. I am going to try to summarize this information although it is so full it will be difficult, plus I want to play golf today:)

It is worth trying to find it.

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Hi I have purchased the Alzheimers package it is very enlightening. Also the lliving without Antibiotics package. I only found Dr Tom after joining this site and looking into health issues. In fact it is sad but I spend a good part of my day researching.

I am already taking steps to avoid these things.


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