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why do ednos not inform the patient about thyroid,levothyroxine,t3..etc...I read all the posts and i see that people talk about t3,vitamins and minerals that i have never done and many other things that either my edno (which he is young and he should know about stuff like that) neither at the hospital...they all know what we know...just take one pill the first thing you do in the morning..nothing else i live in Cyprus btw

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They don't tell patients in the UK either.

We have to learn and research for ourselves


For a start, doctors aren't taught nutrition, certainly not to the extent that 'in range' means very little, it's where in range that matters, and for hypo patients it's optimal that matters. So we don't expect them to understand much at all about vitamins and minerals.

As far as test results go, 'in range' means you've got to be well, where in range doesn't matter with thyroid test results either as far as they're concerned.

As for different thyroid meds, well they're brainwashed into believing that Levo is a cure all for everybody with hypo.

Unless the doctors are hypo patients themselves, they have absolutely no idea.


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