Different suppliers of meds

I have been on meds since middle of July and I have never had the same meds from the same company. Is it just in my head but every time I get a new packet I feel I get more symptoms in the first week. I did ask chemist today and she said they only get what's delivered and have no control over manufacturers. I have used the same chemist from the start and now the manufacturer is NorthStar.

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NorthStar is Actavis which is also known as Almus in Boots.

I would tell the pharmacist that unless they can guarantee you the make you prefer you will go elsewhere. Lloyds and Boots may be more constrained with suppliers than small pharmacies. I use a small independent high street pharmacy who were very accommodating when I asked them to ensure I was dispensed Actavis and not Mercury Pharma.

The pharmacist must not know they are same company as I asked her and she never said. Thank you for that info though. I go to lloyds. I've had Mercury Pharma first month then actavis and now NorthStar so good to know that two months are the same.


Check which make Lloyds are dispensing next time and if they don't have Actavis and won't order it in for you ask for your prescription back and take it elsewhere.

Hi i put a simular post on here 2 days ago, i have 3 small local chemists where i live and 2 of them were happy to order what i like but i do know them quite well, i find the larger pharmarcies like boots or superdrug etc may not oblige and order. Hope you have get someone who will help, what about asda, morrisons etc.

Unfortunately all our small chemist no longer exist and it is just Lloyds and boots. I use the same chemist that I've use in year so was hoping for continuity.

Hi Trendywends, I used to get mine from Boots, Almus is Boots packaging, the brand was always Actavis. After about a year they decided to issue me Teva. I declined it and stated I always have Actavis, they said you have Almus, I had to explain to their own staff that, that is not a brand and also I could see Actavis packaged as Almus on the shelf. They re-dispensed what I required, as I had not taken it out of the shop, but stated they could not always guarantee the same brand. I changed Chemist to an independent one, they have a note on the system that flags on my script for Actavis. If they do not have it in stock, then they order it in, always by midday the next day.

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