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How much alcohol can you have on carbmazole in a night?

I have been organising my Other halfs birthday party which is this weekend. I have been taking carbmazole for Hyperthyroidism since yesterday - I am not sure how many drinks I am allowed to have. I was planning on having a big one as it's our first night out since the baby.

As it will be day 6 will they be in my system properly as know it can take 4 weeks to work?

What about dancing?

I feel ok in myself but obvs my heath is more important


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You can drink as much as you like and dance all night if you want to. Carbimazole doesn't restrict you doing anything. Have a great party :)


Thank you!


Have a great time ..

and just go a little easy ..

Personally , whilst Graves was bad , before Carbimazole kicked in , I was unable to drink alcohol as it made me feel 10 times worse than normal .

It would take me at least 2 days to get over 2 glasses if white wine

Have fun tho



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