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Interested in research and want to help with a study on views about genetic testing?

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Live in the northwest of England?

Patients and their families choose to take genetic tests for a variety of reasons. If you or a family member has experienced hereditary cancer you may have taken, or considered taking, a genetic test.

To help geneticists improve the help they offer, it is useful to better understand what is important to patients and families when they weigh up whether to take a genetic test.

Could you take part in an interview between now and Christmas?

If you would like to take part, you would be interviewed either at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester, or at your home or other place of your choosing. Interviews will last less than one hour.

You would be asked to think about whether you might have a genetic test in imaginary situations. The researcher is also interested in receiving feedback about how the interview itself might be improved (e.g. could the wording be improved?).

To find out more and to volunteer, please read the information sheet - - or contact Martin Eden by email or by telephone on 07748 966 951.

Martin is a health economist and PhD student at the University of Manchester.

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