Just feel hopeless today. Haven't felt as emotional as this in a long time. Crying.

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"HUGS'' love, hang on in there and focus on something good. My dogs pull me through dark days. I have started with my SAD light already as the big black beckons at this time of year. Wish I could help but sending empathy is all I can do

Well I appreciate your reply. Depression is the worst thing ever. This illness is eating me up.

Hi Shenka Sorry very late riser today and you are not in a good place Sometimes words are just not enough or too much so I have learnt to meditate and the benefits of calm are wonderful I do wish your depression on its way it's a challenge and one that you will win in your own time and place. Biggest hug without hurting you xx arpinsandie


Just felt so cold all day. Nothing to do with my environment but all internal.

Have you had your thyroid checked? I had depression and anxiety for years, like you suffered with feeling cold, my blood tests. And back as normal, but I checked my family history, all women had thyroid issues so I now self medicate from non stop research that I have gained knowledge and do not suffer with depression or anxiety, please if you can do some research into family health history x

Thanks so much

Just had a look at your other posts and see you have only been on meds for a few weeks. I am so sorry you are going through this, it will get better as you get to he right dose but there is no way to hurry that up. Someone said its a marathon not a sprint and I thought that a good description.

Depression has to be experienced to understand just how bad it is... te sun does come out again you have to hang onto that. What you are going through has to be goes through to get better. Oh bollard does that even make sense? Sorry love back to hugs again I'm afraid

Thanks I am so grateful for your reply. I have been so well on sertraline for years. The black dog was forgotten but such a shock when it returns. The mind blocks out the bad times but when they return it's so frightening.

You just feel so alone. And trying to explain to family or friends about being hypothyroid is an impossibility.

Hopeless trying to explain how it affects every part of your being

It is isn't it, if you haven't been there you can't get it and there isn't a way to really explain it. Sorry Foggy brain struggling for words this evening ' sigh' not unusual

I went to pick up a music book today from my rep and fell off his doorstep. Then went into his house to get book and found myself jabbering like an idiot. So upsetting.

So sorry you are struggling this evening. Big hugs back.


Sorry Shenka, just realised you do have a thyroid issue, what meds are you taking?

Levo 50 starting dose

Hugs mean a lot

Thanks. So appreciate your reply

Depression can be another symptom of thyroid problems. See this link to article headed 'Depression: it's not your brain, it's your thyroid'

Are you on antidepressants? I understand that some of these may disagree with thyroid medication.

I am on sertraline.

Have been for years with great success

Now I feel like the rug is pulled from under mr

I am on sertraline

On sertraline


Depression from this illness is eating me too. I'm sorry I can't have more uplifting words for you I just wanted to say that I'm sorry you are not well and I wish you all the best keep fighting the fight. ((Hugs)) πŸ¦‹

Haven't felt like this for years

So distressw

Hugs back



Is anyone there

Hi Shenka sorry you are feeling low. Try to be kind to yourself e.g. Have a long bath with essential oils and try to get plenty of sleep. Exercise has been shown to help depression so going for a walk or swim may help lift your mood. Things will get better and people are here to support you xx

Thanks. I think I should get a dog. A creature to love.

It's a good idea to get a dog. Pets are wonderful therapy for all ills. I couldn't live without my cats. Animals understand when we're feeling at our lowest and they take our minds off our own problems. Sending you hugs from me and my furry companions.


Research shows many health benefits from having pets. I got a dog and my therapist thought that would be good. However, I am so negative and struggling with a lot of things and I am feeling overwhelmed and guilty about not being a good pet owner and it is just one more negative for me.

I totally empathise with that. If you're struggling with your own health it's really difficult to have anything left over to give to an animal child or whatever. For that very reason I have resisted getting a pet...

Pity you weren't nearby...we could share responsibility lol

Sending big hugs

Thanks. I appreciate your support.

So appreciate your reply. I had been afraid to come back here I was so annoyed with myself for getting so down.

Please don't blame yourself, it's not your fault. Try to be kind to yourself and avoid negative self talk. Treat yourself the way you would treat a friend who was feeling low. This will pass x

If I could treat myself as I hope I treat others I would be in a much better place. I know negativity is a big issue with me. Appreciate your reply.

πŸ’—πŸŒΊπŸ’›πŸ’— this too shall pass

I should have learned from past experience that all things pass

Try prayer

Hi Shenka. Samaritans are there 24/7 on 116 123 to provide support xx

I know. ..rang them

a tear rolled from my eye when i read your thread is there anyone there? I just want to say be strong and get as much help as possible. Think back to things you used to enjoy doing only if they are little things. I know its easier said then done. Fight this dark pllace and dont let it consume the lovely person you are. my sister suffered from depression for many years brought on by post natal depression, it was a horrible time and i helped her through it. It wasnt easy but eventually there is light at the end of the tunnel. Try to get as much daylight hours as possible even if it just means sitting in the garden for 10 mins or so but make sure you are warm. Try to eat something doesnt matter if its only you live alone or have kids? Please dont cope alone with this and never be ashamed to ask fr help. God bless you. πŸ’•πŸŒΈπŸŒž

Thanks so much. I need to get more in control if myself but I seem to have given uo which is really bad. Hugs

One day at a time dont think ahead. Get support and take help from others. Its hard, my sister was very severley depressed and we thought one time she would not make it but we are stronger than we think. I too get my ups and downs since being hyper. Not going to lecture but there is always someone who loves you!πŸ’”xx

Thanks. I know that people love me. Just went through a bad few days but feeling better now. Next week will have bloods done and I'm sure my levo will be increased so onwards and upwards.

Happy to hear you are feeling better than the other day. Treat yourself to something it doesnt matter what it is or the cost gives you something to look on not so good days and you will remember that day when you felt ok. Just a little suggestion. Good luck with your bloods. Xxx🌸🌻🍰

Lovely suggestion. I think I'll do that. Xx


I noticed you picked up a music book ... I'm a musician ... are you too?

I teach piano

I teach piano part time. What do you do?

part time guitar teacher. I'm about to start working with a dance company. signdancecollectiveinternat...

Fabulous. Hope you really enjoy it.

Shenka depression is a bitch your in a prayers and as dumb as this sounds exercise helps as does aeromertherapy eating right and nice hot Epsom salt bath with some lavender and valerian oil for sleep


I am my own worst enemy I know. I tend to cut myself off and then get low. But I need to just get up and out and things seem a lot better.

Shenka please try and think positive I know it's hard but if you can turn around negetive thoughts replaced them with positive thoughts it is possible

Keep in touch with how you are doing. Always ask for your results and the ranges and post them for comments. Patience is needed as it takes time to gradulaay work up to the dose that best for you but hopefully you will soon start to feel a little better but be kind to yourself and don't do too much too soon.

Impatience is my enemy. I think having a condition that is lifelong is such an alien concept to's definitely a wake up call.

I'm sorry I am unable to read every single post on this thread I am not well myself but I just wonder is it possible for you to get better treatment than what you are getting at present time? Seems a small dose to me perhaps you need T3 added or maybe you need to take NDT. How is your diet that can help a lot. I am concerned for you and I feel badly I am in a bad way myself but did feel better for a little while suspect I am a poor converter of T4 will find out soon God willing finally getting some tests. 🌺

Hope you feel a little better today. It takes 6 weeks to get each dose fully into your system and you probably don't feel much difference yet but that's normal. I hope your doctor has told you to retest after 6 weeks? You will probably need a dose increase which are done in 25's and then this cycle is continued until you are on the correct dose for you. A few have mentioned alternative treatments but don't rush into doing that. A great many are well on Levo so you don't see them in gear. Even when you are on your optimal dose then some of your symptoms can take a while to go completely but they should in time.

Someone mentioned conversion problems but you can only tell if that is a problem when you are taking Levo is another good reason for taking that. Depression though is an underactive problem so being correctly dosed should help with that as well. You may, in time, be able to cut back on your medication for that.

This forum is run by Thyroid Uk. If you look on their site you will see much good info of how to improve further. It's a steep learning curve but get into a routine that helps. Shout out if anything you don't understand.

One of the real problems of when we start feeling better is to start doing too much too soon. I don't know whether your doctor has explained how it works but the medication, the Levo you are taking (T4) is an inactive storage hormone. Our body converts this T4 into T3 which is the active hormone and is what every cell in our body needs to work well. Ideally now you are starting with T4 then this should work better. But it is far too soon to know whether this will be successful without extra help. If your body isn't able to do the conversion properly, and again too soon to know, then that can be helped looking at vitamin levels. We can often be low on those and many of us supplement to address that and I've done it so it does work. So if, after a while you find you are in that situation then steps can. E taken to do that which will also improve your general health. But again that can take time to work. You could have a look at those levels now to see where you are on those and supplement idcneed be but doctors aren't that clued up on such things and like your thyroid meds it's not being in range that is important but where in the range so again post any results you get for further advice. So the important ones are Vit D, B12, folate and ferritin. As thyroid issues can effect the whole body then we have to consider the whole body to get things working well again. But you will get well again but it can take time. One step at a time.

Thanks for your very informative and reassuring reply. I imagine I will have my dose increased next week. I do feel some difference already in the dreadful aches and pains I was having and difficulty getting out of bed or a chair. So will try to focus on the positives and not dwell on the negatives. Xx

I felt like that too a while back. Emotional, didn't want to see or speak to anyone if I could help it except my dog. I had my bloods done and after my GP had wanted to reduce my levo as my t3 And T4 had been high the last time they were now really low so she's now increased them and, although I still feel a bit emotional, after a few weeks on a higher dose I'm beginning to get through it so maybe you should go back to your GP. Thinking of you and hope you things improve very soon.

Thanks. Go back for bloods next week. Probably get increased dose of Levo. I know it's early days and I'm just being impatient wanting to feel well agaw.

I am so sorry you feel so bad. Sorry for all of us that are suffering. My depression is terrible today l don't want to invade yours with my misery. I hope it helps to know l understand. My dog died in May l miss him so. Trying to know about getting another. I hope that you have been comforted by the lovely messages from kind folks on here.


Hugs back x

I know exactly how you feel yet a few weeks ago I was happy. It's like some mad mad roller coaster of emotions

So bad. Just want my life back.

Well I was moaning so much I haven't posted on here for a while. Really appreciated all your responses. I am 12 weeks down the line from starting levo with tsh 107. After 6 weeks I went for blood test and nurse asked me why I was there. Said it's 3 months before a retest. Got test anyway and results were improved. Dr told me my TSH was down to 24. No adjustment of meds as I must wait for another 6 weeks. Asked for print off of point as they print off so small I couldn't read them she said. Gave up at that point.

Hello Shenka, sending big supporting hugs for you!

IΒ΄m suffering from depression since March this year, IΒ΄ve been on several treatments so far. Early this year I was a normal, chirpy person, however I started to feel anxiety at work. Since then IΒ΄m not myself and IΒ΄m not working anymore. Getting out of bed and hanging out is also tricky for me.

From today on IΒ΄m starting to take Fluoxetine, which is the generic compound for Prozac. I plan to be on NDT when my order arrives.

I fostered a stray dog but it worsened my anxiety, as it was a puppy and messed everything around the house, I had to give it to a family. At least IΒ΄ve made something good, I love animals and nature in general. If you have the chance of fostering a god, I encourage you to do it, for they make us forget our own thoughts.

I want to tell you I know what the feelings for depression are, I utterly understand.

Big bear hugs for you Shenka!!

Big bear hugs back.

I really hope you find prozac helpful. I did with sertaline

But going through divorce after husband walking out on me has brought on this autoimmune thyroiditis as UK Dr's call it due to the stress Really struggling with that. I feel for you very much. Struggled so much with depression over the years. Indescribable. Where are you? I am from N Ireland

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